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Hoisting Services in Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas.


What goes up, must come down!  


Call The Moving Factor when you need specialized handling of large, heavy and bulky items.  We are the moving company you need when you have a sofa to hoist or a piano to move.

Hoisting Services

Local moving companies specialize in different areas of the industry. The Moving Factor has many specialties that range from piano moving to long distance moving and all the way to hoisting services.

When you are dealing with apartment movers in Dallas or if you are searching for a local moving company in Fort Worth that can handle your big sofa that cannot be taken out of the door by your apartment movers or maybe your local moving company could not bring your sofa in, you are just one phone call away from our professional movers hoisting it into your residence through your balcony.

Our professional movers will wrap and protect your sofa or loveseat and will carefully tie straps for hoisting and securing your item while in mid-air. Once your sofa or huge dresser is ready to be hoisted, our movers will divide to those who pull and those who push and one by one they will all end up on the pulling end (at the top) while bringing your belonging to its final destination in your home.

At times, even hoisting will not work and the only way to keep your precious sofa in your possession is to store it. The Moving Factor offers short term storage and can also assist you with self-storage solutions. When in a bind with your apartment movers in Fort Worth and need a local moving company that can hoist your sofa and bring it home for you, The Moving Factor is the best moving company in Fort Worth for the task.

Call today 817-595-1500 for a free estimate and book your next move with us.

Check out our hoisting videos on YouTube! Moving Videos