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Our goal in opening this Fort Worth moving company is to provide excellent service with honesty and integrity. We want to sleep well at night knowing we helped someone. Sean Factor has been in the moving and storage industry for more than 25 years. Time after time, move after move we have heard horror stories from so many people regarding “low ball” estimates, excessive charges being added on to a bill after a customer’s shipment is loaded on the truck, movers being hostile, rude, careless and heartless. These stories make us livid!!

The Moving Factor is different from other Fort Worth moving companies in that we provide a price based upon all possible scenarios with your move. When we provide a moving price quote it will include “long carry”, shuttle and crating charges if they apply to your move. The ultimate goal is that you have NO SURPRISES before, during or after your move. Surprises are for birthdays, not your move!

You may find lower estimates with other Fort Worth moving companies. You might also get some surprises along with that lower estimate. We prefer to be honest and upfront than to give you a low price in the beginning then add charges later. We believe it’s the best way to operate; with integrity, honesty and decency.

Call 817-595-1500 to set up a free moving estimate.

We provide moving services throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.