Keller Movers

Keller Movers


The population in Keller has grown more than 200% since the year 2000!  That makes it easy to understand why Keller movers are plentiful in the area. Your search for a Keller moving company is over!  The Moving Factor is the best choice for your move in Keller.



When interviewing Keller movers there are many questions to consider.

  1. Besides labor, do you have any other charges like travel time?

  2. When do you start the clock?

  3. What are the travel charges?

  4. Do you wrap the furniture?

  5. How do you handle TVs, breakfronts, and glass shelves?

  6. What do you charge for packing materials?

  7. Are there any charges in addition to the charges on the estimate?

  8. How many men will you send to do this job?

  9. How long will it take?

  10. Do you disconnect/reconnect washer, dryer and refrigerator?

  11. Will you disassemble and reassemble my furniture?


We trust that this information is helpful. Should you have any additional questions about hiring a Keller moving company we will be happy to assist you with anything you need in order to make a better choice about moving in Keller.

Call us now at 817-595-1500 for your price quote.

We are your Keller movers!