Residential Movers in Keller

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Searching for residential movers in Keller will bring up many local moving companies in Keller that will be competing for your business.How do you pick the best moving company in Keller to handle your residential moving?

As a starter, suggest the old way of ‘word of mouth’ which will probably be the most credible source of information from someone you know and trust. Most of our customers find us either by a recommendation of a friend or a family member or by searching for local moving companies in Keller with great reviews.

The Moving Factor Inc. recommends that anyone who is planning a residential move in Keller should interview 2-4 different Keller moving companies.

When it comes to a larger than a 2-bedroom apartment, it is recommended to interview 2-4 residential moving companies in Keller and get an on-site estimate. The movers should come out to your place of residence and physically survey the home and take notes of everything that needs to be moved. It is advised to steer clear from moving companies that are not willing to come out or to give you a not to exceed moving quote.

Those over the phone quotes can change very quickly on the day of the move –  when you have to be moved and have no choice. An on site estimate and a not to exceed moving quote are the things to ask for when looking for a great residential moving company in Keller. If the moving company is not willing to do that, we advise choosing a different moving company.

When interviewing residential movers in Keller, you need to ask a few questions.

  1. Except for labor, do you have any other charges like travel time?
  2. When do you start the clock?
  3. What are the travel charges?
  4. Do you wrap the furniture?
  5. How do you handle TVs, breakfronts and glass shelves?
  6. What do you charge for packing materials?
  7. Are there any charges in addition to the charges on the estimate?
  8. How many men will you send to do this job?
  9. How long will it take?
  10. Do you disconnect/reconnect washer, dryer and refrigerator?
  11. Will you disassemble and reassemble my furniture?

We trust that this information is helpful to you and should you have any additional questions about hiring a residential moving company in Keller we will be happy to assist you with anything you need in order to make a better choice about moving in Keller.

Call us now at 817-595-1500 to book your no obligation, free on-site moving estimate and to receive your not to exceed moving price quote. You can also email us to for your free online moving estimate.