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Long Term Storage

Life can get complicated and we all need help to go through those times, especially when it’s a path we have not walked before and do not know where to start when it comes to obstacles like moving and storage. The Moving Factor is here to help. Many of the moving companies in Dallas offer short term storage and long term storage, we offer both and the option for self-storage too. Located in the mid-cities area, The Moving Factor offers moving and long term storage services to the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and beyond. Our moving and storage service covers the entire great state of Texas.

Perhaps you have a new job out of state and you may need some time to look for a place to live before moving your belongings. Maybe you are moving from a large home into an apartment while your new house is being built and you need part of your household goods to be stored for the duration of the build. We can help you with our long term storage solutions in our facility or if you choose to have it stored in a self-storage facility, we are here to assist you.

Our professional movers will help with packing and wrapping of your shipment and take your shipment into a storage facility. When we move your belongings into storage, we stack and load the space like a puzzle so that everything is supported and so that space is maximized. When storing a sofa for example, if it’s a sofa that has a rounded at the end arm rests, it cannot be standing on its side while in storage because it will get flattened as the whole height of the sofa is now leaning on top of the arm rest.  The Moving Factor understands how to place various furniture items in storage to ensure the integrity of the pieces is maintained.

As a top rated local moving company in Fort Worth, The Moving Factor is committed to a top notch customer service and will do anything in our ability to make the process of moving into storage an easy one for you.

We offer a full packing service and we are expert piano movers. Our professional are the best apartment movers you can find and when it comes to large homes that require a white glove service, we are second to none.

If you need a long distance moving company to help you moving to Houston, Austin, San Antonio or anywhere else in Texas and you need long term storage there or here in the DFW metro, we are the moving company that will go the extra mile to make it a successful moving experience all the way home.

Call today 817-595-1500 for more information or go to our estimates page for a free moving estimate online.