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Fort Worth Movers FAQs

How much advance notice should I give my mover?

The more the better. Busy moving companies will have customers book their moving date weeks in advance. When you book your move well in advance you are assured that you will have a spot on the schedule.

What happens if my closing is rescheduled? We will work with your schedule and try to accommodate your needs. If your move date was pushed back and we do not have the availability, we will offer you other options to help with the situation. Cancellation/rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours in advance (72 hours in advance for weekend moves) to avoid a cancellation/rescheduling fee.

Is my shipment insured?
Under the TXDMV regulations a licensed moving company is required to provide specific coverage for your shipment. We have recommendations for Full Coverage insurance through companies such as

Is the company insured?

As required by the US DOT and TXDMV we carry Cargo and Liability insurance.

How much will it cost me to move?
The cost of your move will depend on:

• Where you are moving from and to
• How large your shipment is
• Whether or not we pack or you pack
• Whether you require any special services, such as hoisting, gun safe moving, pool table moving and piano moving

When we come to your home for a free on-site estimate we can give you a ‘Not to Exceed’ price. That price will include any and all possible scenarios with your move.

Please contact our office at 817-595-1500 for more specific details and a Free Estimate.

Do I really need an estimate?

Yes. When you get an estimate from a professional moving company such as The Moving Factor, your mover will know what they have to deal with and you will know what to expect on moving day. When you don’t get an estimate, it is all unknown and surprises are not always a good thing

What is a binding estimate?
It is an estimate that guarantees your price and is based on the services deemed at the time of the physical survey. As long as your needs and requirement have not changed, the price will not change.

Who completes the inventory of the items to be moved?

When you fill out the estimate on our website you will fill out an itemized list of everything that you need us to move for you. Our estimate will be based on the itemized list provided. When our estimator visits your home for an on-site the estimator will fill out the itemized list for you.

Should I obtain more than one estimate?

We highly recommend obtaining an average of three written on-site estimates before the moving day for your move when moving out of a three (3) bedroom home or larger. One or two bedroom moves are generally easier to estimate over the phone.

Do dresser drawers need to be emptied?

It’s always recommended to empty dresser drawers. If it is a very small, light dresser you can leave it full if the legs are sturdy. Never fill dresser drawers with photo albums, candle holders or books.

What about gratuity/tips for the crew?

Although gratuity is customary it is not mandatory. It is always appreciated but never expected.  If you need a suggestion as to how much most people tip, please contact the office.

Will you disassemble items you are moving?

Yes, our crew will disassemble all items that need to be taken apart.

Will you reassemble them upon delivery?

We will reassemble all items we disassembled. We will also offer help with items you disassemble.

How can you protect my art work during my move?

We have boxes specifically made to pack and protect artwork, mirrors etc. We use either packing paper or bubble wrap to cushion those items inside the box. Statues, antique lamps, or other ornamental objects will be placed in heavy duty protective packaging and will be cushioned with packing paper and/or bubble wrap to prevent movement. Our professional movers can also build a wood crate for long distance moving purposes.

What if I have more to be moved than originally estimated?

Our movers will do everything to accommodate your moving needs. Our trucks are scheduled based on the size of your move. We may arrive to a move where you did not list all of your belongings and the truck will not be large enough to accommodate the whole shipment. In that case, we may need to make two trips, which will increase the amount of time and, therefore, the amount of money paid for the move.

Do you use professional movers?

As a professional moving company, we pride ourselves on the manpower that moves this company. Our professional movers are handpicked by the owner of the company and trained according to specific guidelines.

How and when should I pay for your services?

Tariff and contract provisions require that all charges are to be paid before your shipment is unloaded (unless other arrangements are made for later billing).

Payment can be made with cash, certified check, money order from western union or the post office, cashier’s check, debit or credit cards (American Express® Card, Discover Card, Visa® or MasterCard®,) Credit cards incur a 4% surcharge.

Should I pack or should I let you pack my china and art work?

Most customers prefer that their most precious belongings would be packed by a professional mover. Packing services are offered by us and by using a professional packing service your shipment is completely protected by the company’s liability insurance. When you pack, unless there is external visible damage to the box (as if it was dropped or crushed), the company will not be liable for items that are broken inside the box.

Can you move my plants?

Yes. We can move your plants. Please talk to our estimator about your moving plans and we will make sure to include your plants in the plan. Our estimator will advise you of how we handle different sizes of pots and when to and when not to water the plants prior to your move date.

Can I move jewelry and other valuables?

It is always preferred that the customer would handle valuables of extraordinary value. Those items are not insured under the insurance policy. Should you choose to box them, it is advised to not write the contents on the box.

Can I pack my china and other breakables?

Most people prefer those breakable items to be professionally packed by our crews. However, should you decide to pack those items yourself, do your best to pack the items individually and provide plenty of cushioning with bubble wrap and packing paper. Make sure to visibly mark the box with notations of breakable/fragile.

Can you move my piano?

Our professional moving teams move an average of 1-3 pianos every week. Please refer to our piano moving page to read more about our specialty services.

We hope that our Fort Worth Movers FAQs will be a valuable resource while preparing for your move.